Learn about the basics of portfolio theory, which are a key for designing portfolios for mutual funds.

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Learn about stock volatility, ARCH and GARCH model and how GARCH model analyzes volatility.

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  • Measuring risks
  • Defining position sizes
  • Designing alpha…

Learn about advanced methods for time series analysis including ARMA, ARIMA.

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  1. Random Walk
  2. Moving Averages Model (MA Model)
  3. Autoregression Model (AR Model)
  4. Autoregressive Moving Averages Model (ARMA Model)
  5. Autoregressive Integrated Moving Averages (ARIMA Model)

Random Walk Model

Learn about ETFs and how they are used by investors.

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Drawbacks of Mutual Funds

Drawbacks of Open-ended Mutual Funds

  1. An…

Gain an overview of Stocks, Indices and Funds.

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  • Indices refer to an aggregated value of a group of stocks as a single number. For example, we have S&P500 and DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) for USA, NIKKEI and HANG SENG for Asia and FTSE, EURO STOXX for Europe. These are all example of indices.
  • Indices are created by…

Learn about Pairs Trading and study tools used to identify stock pairs and how to make trading decisions.

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Mean Reversion Trading

Learn about regression and how regression relates to trading and other advanced methods.

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  • Checking and transforming data.
  • Regression.
  • Box-whisker plots helps us visually check if a distribution is symmetric or skewed.
  • A histogram lets us check if a distribution is symmetric/skewed…

Learn about the overall quant workflow, including alpha signal generation, alpha combination and trading.

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  1. Stock : An asset that represents ownership in a company. A claim on part of a corportation’s assets and earnings. There are two main types, common and preferred.
  2. Share : A single share represents partial ownership of a company relative to the…

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